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boychild at ARIKA 13

(A version of this piece was originally published at Glasgow Review of Books, under the title ‘ARIKA 2013: Confronting Us as Flesh‘.) With ARIKA‘s latest series of events the welcome transition from festival-as-celebration to festival-as-potential-interrogation continues to develop. The destination is an arts event at which all entertainment and aesthetics (though not enjoyment or representation) [...]

Then who do we shoot?

A recent article, ‘Riding the Unicorn‘, on Mair nor a roch wind has comfortably dismantled the recent provisional embrasure of the Jimmy Reid Foundation‘s ‘Common Weal‘ proposals, which outlined a possible economic and social settlement after Scottish independence. Rory Scothorn outlines how the the ‘Common Weal’ idea is, as it stands, simply a reconstituted social democracy based [...]

UKIP and the Fascist Tendency

UKIP are not welcome in any city, Scottish, Welsh, Irish or English. The reasons are clear. I’m glad Nigel Farage realized he wasn’t welcome. This will happen every time he tries to campaign in Scotland, and it is right that it does. Some don’t agree, so before we come to the problem of UKIP, we [...]

Mental Illness, or Social Alienation

A row has broken out between psychologists and psychiatrists, reminiscent of the anti-psychiatry movement of the 60s and 70s, over the exact cause, and less obviously the exact nature, of what we call ‘mental illness’. Much like all human behaviours, to be ‘mentally unwell’ carries value judgements, and social judgements, that impact hugely on the social [...]

Royal Mail Privatization – A Worker’s Inquiry

So, Royal Mail is getting privatized. Those of you who’ve met me won’t be surprised to hear that I’m a postperson. So here is a critical account of the job, having worked mostly in one large office in Glasgow, and sometimes in various others – I’ve attempted to explain how it seems to me from a subjective [...]