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Scotland’s Eurovision Entry: UKIP and the Culture War

(This article was originally published at Bella Caledonia, as ‘Scotland’s Eurovision Entry: UKIP and the Culture War‘, on 15th May 2014) By Thomas Coles Last Friday evening (9th May) Nigel Farage’s trip to Edinburgh was disrupted for a second year in a row. This time not by simple visceral hatred of the man and what he [...]

Don’t Blame the Folking Bankers

Prior to his descent to Edinburgh’s Charlotte Square, the Governor of the Bank of England (the UK central bank) Mark Carney had sat awaiting the world’s politicians as they climbed the mountains of Davos to consult their gurus. There Peter Sutherand, a Goldmann Sachs non-executive chairman gave this grim warning ahead of the European elections:  “It is [...]

UKIP and the Fascist Tendency

UKIP are not welcome in any city, Scottish, Welsh, Irish or English. The reasons are clear. I’m glad Nigel Farage realized he wasn’t welcome. This will happen every time he tries to campaign in Scotland, and it is right that it does. Some don’t agree, so before we come to the problem of UKIP, we [...]