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Monthly Archives: May 2013

UKIP and the Fascist Tendency

UKIP are not welcome in any city, Scottish, Welsh, Irish or English. The reasons are clear. I’m glad Nigel Farage realized he wasn’t welcome. This will happen every time he tries to campaign in Scotland, and it is right that it does. Some don’t agree, so before we come to the problem of UKIP, we [...]

Mental Illness, or Social Alienation

A row has broken out between psychologists and psychiatrists, reminiscent of the anti-psychiatry movement of the 60s and 70s, over the exact cause, and less obviously the exact nature, of what we call ‘mental illness’. Much like all human behaviours, to be ‘mentally unwell’ carries value judgements, and social judgements, that impact hugely on the social [...]

UKIP and Political Coding

“Only racists talk about immigration…”   Labour, like the ‘Cameroon’ Conservatives, are terrified of talking about immigration. They fear that any oxygen given to the subject will mix with the heady gases of prejudice and lead to the bad old days of Enoch Powell and the National Front. The nature of our political landscape over [...]